There are several ways to get the reduction depending on how much of a hurry you are in. If using Paypal the fastest way is to go directly to Paypal and check out paying the total shown for your cart. I will then issue a Paypal refund for the excess shipping. Make one Paypal payment for the whole cart. Speed depends on how fast Paypal notifies me. It is usually immediately but not always. If you want a firm shipping quote before you buy, email me with the numbers of the items you want to buy and I will send you a total. Make sure your email spam filter is open to allow my response to get through. I will give you a refund on shipping whether you ask for it or not as long as all the items are going to the same address at the same time and one payment is made.
Please be considerate if you have not received your package and it was purchased right before a holiday or in winter. If I am snowed in or know your package will be slow in arriving, I will email you. However those emails sometimes get weeded out as spam. Please email me if you are concerned. Things like that happen about once a year. Generally I mail Monday to Friday from Vermont.
I ship to mainland USA. I do not ship to Canada, APO's, Alaska or Hawaii or internationally. Some exceptions may be made, but will usually involve increased postage.
I usually ship via the US post office. I always use delivery confirmation. I will usually choose the cheapest method, unless requested to do otherwise.
I will accept returns under certain circumstances. 1. I send you the wrong item. Return the package to me and I will refund all money or send the correct item at no additional expense to you. (This hasn't happened yet!) 2. The item is not as described. This is not likely to happen as I take great pains to describe fully and accurately but if I do miss something glaring, contact me within 3 days of receipt describing the problem, and return in original packaging for a refund. If it is a genuine problem I will refund shipping. If it is an excuse to return the item, I won't.